4/27/17 $0.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Exiled by Leslie Georgeson (Romance)

Stranded. Tanzania, East Africa. A rare asteroid shower has decimated the earth. There’s no way out. No way home.

“Honest Gabe” Hunter has never told a lie. His integrity sets him apart from everyone else, so when his brother accuses him of the unthinkable, Gabe’s reputation is tarnished. Banished from the colony of Aftermath, he’s sent out into the harsh savannah with nothing but the clothes on his back. Exile in this forsaken land can only mean one thing. Death.

Claire Henderson is a desperate mother intent on protecting her child and the dangerous and sexy outcast Gabe Hunter is the only man who can help her. But he’s not about to forgive Claire for what she’s done–his bitterness runs far too deep.

With an evil force determined to rule in a world devoid of law and order, Gabe may hold the key to the only thing that can defeat him. After a deadly attack, Gabe must swallow his pride and rely on Claire and her daughter for his very survival. He must choose between fleeing to safety, or sacrificing everything to stay and fight for a future that may be nothing more than fantasy.

Get it for only $0.99 until May 2nd here: Exiled (Underneath Book 1)


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