4/27/17 $2.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Murder by the Minute by April Pearson (Romance)

“He really was very handsome. I may have been knocked unconscious, transported across an ocean and through centuries, mistaken for a hooker, united with my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, and reeling from a painful breakup — but I still had eyes, didn’t I? Didn’t I!?”

When present-day American cosmetologist Penny Stratford tumbles headfirst — literally — into London, England, 1801, she and her distant ancestor, a feisty young heiress, must work together to uncover a nefarious plot to murder the family patriarch before it’s too late. Oh, and she falls for a smart, sweet, sexy doctor along the way.

When Dr. Maximilian Waterford happens upon the disoriented Ms. Penelope Stratford in the street, he mistakes her for a common prostitute. After receiving the upbraiding of his life from the mysterious and beautiful woman, Max must admit he’s intrigued…Ms. Stratford is the antithesis of what society dictates a woman should be — and she’s just what the doctor ordered.

Get it for $2.99 until April 28th here: Murder by the Minute (An Era of Mystery Romance Book 1)


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