5/13/17 $0.99 BOOK OF THE DAY All That Glitters by Emily Anne Brandon (Women’s Fiction)

Is there such a thing as too good to be true?

Eve fell for Iain at fourteen, but ten years later she’s bored. She longs for excitement and craves a break to experience life and date other men before settling down forever. As she sits across from Iain at the restaurant, she’s confident he’ll think it’s a wonderful idea. What guy wouldn’t want a free pass?

Iain is deeply in love with Eve and has been planning to propose for some time. He gets down on one knee but he’s confused when she doesn’t seem thrilled. She almost looks disappointed. Out of the blue, she suggests a temporary break and Iain is absolutely devastated.

Eve runs home to collect her belongings, but on the way, she loses her footing and falls down a set of concrete steps, bumping her head and blacking out. Eve wakes to handsome stranger, Adam, taking care of her. Adam sweeps Eve off her feet and she quickly falls hard for him as they begin a passionate relationship, full of fun and affection.

Adam helps Eve find a new job as a personal shopper, and she leaves her boring book shop job behind. She makes new friends and drifts apart from old ones.

Life is good.

But are the new friends, new job and new man as perfect as they seem?

As things begin to unravel all around her, Eve eventually comes to realise that perhaps there is such a thing as too good to be true and perhaps all that glitters isn’t gold.

Only $0.99 until May 17th. 



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