5/14/16 $2.99 BOOK OF THE DAY The Immune: Omnibus Edition by David Kazzie (Science Fiction)

The Omnibus Edition contains all four parts of The Immune series.


On a warm summer night at Yankee Stadium, a monstrous plot to eradicate the human race is set into motion.

Within days, the deadly Medusa virus is racing across the globe like a wildfire, leaving behind a handful of terrified survivors in a world unlike any they have ever known.

One of those immune – Dr. Adam Fisher – discovers that his college-aged daughter in California may share his rare resistance to the virus. With a raggedy band of other survivors, he treks across a ruined American landscape to find her, discovering along the way a dangerous new enemy that threatens their fragile existence and learning that his daughter may have become their latest victim.

$6.99 $2.99 DEAL ENDS TODAY.



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