6/03/17 $2.99 BOOK OF THE DAY 44 Soccer Striker Mistakes to Avoid by Mirsad Hasic (Sports)

DISCOVER:: 44 Soccer Striker Mistakes That You Must Avoid, Today!

Would you like to discover the mistakes that decides whether you are going to succeed as soccer striker or not? Playing striker is not an easy job, but there are mistakes that you must avoid at all cost.

Those mistakes can either make or break your game which is why it is so critical to identify them early on and then take measurements against them. You see, as a striker you need to be aware of that you’ll have a lot of pressure to bear.

This includes opponents that will do anything they can to stop you to the responsibility of scoring goals. After all, that’s what you are supposed to do as striker: score, score and then yes…score again!

You may have heard the expression “…that player has a nose for the goal” but let me tell you something: this is a total myth. The reason for why a player has “nose for the goal” is because he is able to eliminate the mistakes and turn them into his favor.

Breaking Down The Mistakes is Critical for Your Success…

One of the biggest mistakes soccer strikers face is not fighting for every ball, no matter if there is not even a realistic chance of winning it and scoring from it.

I see this constantly in amateur soccer and it’s something that separates the professionals from the amateurs. If you study professional soccer you’ll notice that that strikers go for every ball no matter the chance of scoring.

This needs to be your natural instinct because you can’t hope for the ball to come to you, but you need to do everything your power to fight for that ball, even if the chances of winning it are beyond microscopic.

By doing this you will developer a natural behavior that will help you score goals from thin air because by fighting for every ball you’ll also be able to create scoring chances out of the impossible.

DOWNLOAD:: 44 Soccer Striker Mistakes to Avoid

When you download 44 Soccer Striker Mistakes to Avoid, you’ll learn…

    • How to identify scoring opportunities before they even appear
    • How to play between the 2 center defenders of the opposing team
    • Knowing when to run after the ball and when to stay calm and wait
    • Why you should learn how to let go of past mistakes in your game
    • Discover how to use the weather to your benefit during your games
    • Learn why you should master what you are actually good at

$4.99 $2.99 until June 8th.



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