6/24/17 $2.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Legacy Of Ashes: A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Adventure by Ric Beard and T.K. King (Science Fiction)

Amidst the chaos of a broken world, two cities must forge a thousand-mile path to unite against the violent remnants of humanity.

The year is 2137. A century has passed since the oil reserves dwindled and the resource wars wiped out much of the human race. The North American continent is reduced to a state of colonial free-for-all.

Jenna Clark leads a road crew clearing the rusted wreckage from Old Interstate 40—while fighting off territorial raiders and rebels. Lexi Shaw uses her tech whisper skills to expose the nefarious leader of a utopian city with a hidden underbelly of corruption. Sean Stone navigates a weapon that could change the balance of power across the continent.

Battling on separate fronts, they must find a way to clear obstructions, defend the road-clearing effort that can unite them, and save two cities constructed atop the ashes of the old world—before chaos grips the last vestiges of civilization forever.

$3.99 $2.99 until tomorrow. 



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