7/01/17 FEATURED BOOK OF THE DAY The Fishining School by Donna Rentfrow and Amber Behnke (Children’s Book)


“The Fishining School” is a whimsical tale that takes place in a private community lake named Lake Tate in a rural area near Sylacauga, Alabama. The school is a finishing school for the young fish who reside in Lake Tate. It has an outstanding curriculum and the instructors teach survival tactics to the youngsters. The slogan of the school is “Once Hooked, You’re Cooked!”. The training for the young fish helps them to avoid being caught on a hook or a net!
The two main characters in the book, young Perch twins Zig and Zag, are well-known for their practical jokes. This time, they both get caught up in their pranks that were meant only to fool their instructor and their fellow students.
The story is appropriate for all ages, children and adults. The illustrations are entertaining, as well. Adults will enjoy reading this book to very young children. We hope you enjoy “The Fishining School” as much as we enjoyed writing it!

$15.00 Available on Kindle Unlimited. 



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