7/01/17 $1.99 BOOK OF THE DAY The Fate: Book 1: Tournament Wysteria by John Ko (YA Fantasy)

Countless times has a young hero dreamed of conquering the Tournament of Tears–dreamed of sitting upon the throne that all kingdoms bend knee to–dreamed of being the best in all the land.
Many times has the Tournament been won for duty and honor’s sake.
A few times it’s been conquered to prove one’s love.
And a handful of times it’s even been won out of hate.
Each of those times, however, started with the same dream in mind. And involved a dreamer too foolish to care that the whole world was against them.
But only …

Once upon a time was there a boy who took on the Tournament with dreams far greater and more foolish than them all. This is his story and the story of his friends.

This is the tale of a Fate undeniable.

$5.99 $1.99 until July 7th. 



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