6/05/17 $2.99 BOOK OF THE DAY THE FIRST WITNESS by Todd Easterling (Thriller)

  • Appearing on 8 Best Seller lists, as high as #1. Top 1% in sales of all/4.4 million books.
  • From the author of The Miracle Man (Top 1% Best Seller).
The #1 Best Selling suspense novel places you dead center in a current, real-world topic

When a top Washington Post reporter discovers what he believes is an unauthorized CIA and military mission to destroy Iran’s nuclear development sites, he finds himself caught in the middle of a global crisis, international intrigue, and a beautiful and exotic woman he desperately wants to trust. San Diego, California author Todd Easterling, originally discovered by the Jay Garon-Brooke Literary Agency of John Grisham fame, weaves a well-written, character-rich, high concept/big story with cinematic potential and a balance of suspense and supporting romantic backdrop. 

Shawn Coyne, as Senior Editor at Doubleday/Random  House, said of Todd’s writing, “This is certainly a thriller that builds to global dimensions and I liked the way Mr. Easterling tackled the plot by having his journalist piece together the clues. The final revelation is also believable and consistent with the pervading paranoia in DC.” 

The story follows Tom Lassiter in a fast paced race to separate facts from propaganda, and ends in a heart stopping glimpse of the new world we live in and threats posed by rogue states, or leaders, set on nuclear weapons development. Walking a razor-thin line between being seen as either a criminal, if he’s wrong, or a hero if he’s right, Lassiter takes matters into his own hands and stops at nothing to uncover the truth and try to stop a catastrophe of historic proportions.

The climax of the story is vividly written, quickly paced, and lends itself to motion picture-like uncertainty and twists, with the fate of millions of people on the line, if not the survival of the entire planet.

 $3.99 $2.99 until July 9th. 



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