7/05/17 $0.99 BOOK OF THE DAY His Vengeance: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge Complete Series by Deana Farrady (Adult Romance)

A SCORCHING enemies-to-lovers romance readers call “addictive” and “disturbingly hot.” This STANDALONE novel was previously published in parts.

It’s time to make Linnea Melbourne pay…with her mind, her soul…her body.

Jonas hates the woman who wronged his family. Risen from poverty, he now has the means to make her pay for her crimes.

Linnea hates the man who’s caught her. She has nothing. Only her body, her solitude, and her inner strength, none of which can stop this beautiful seducer who has her trapped in his gilded penthouse within a cage of obedience.

A cage of lies.

Because she has one thing that could save her: the truth.

Yet if she exposes her secret, it could break those most precious to her.

So she will be Chicago tech mogul Jonas Westerling’s plaything, his doll, mingling mindlessly with Chicago’s wealthy set. She will do what he wants, when he wants it, without question. Without using her sharp brain or sharp tongue.

Wanting him hurts. It hurts her body, her pride…her soul. That’s exactly what the devil is aiming for – her soul.

One day he claims it will all be over. When the debt is paid, he’ll end his campaign to torment her…if she can manage to hold out that long.

But he knows how to play her. He knows what she likes. He knows her secret longings. He knows how to make her crave him, need him…even love him. The only thing he doesn’t know…

…is who she really is.

His Vengeance is a dark love story, a tale of dominance and a story of redemption with a solid HEA, no cheating, and no love triangles. It features an over-the-top alpha hero that raises “alpha” up several notches, so buckle in for a wild ride.

TAKE NOTE: This story is extra spicy and appropriate only for mature readers. It contains incredibly steamy situations (and lots of them), gritty language, and disturbing themes.

The story was originally released in nine serial episodes as The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge, beginning with Hot Vengeance. This hefty volume of 130,000 words includes all nine parts and has been re-edited and revised.

$3.99 $0.99 until July 8th. 



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