7/15/17 $1.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Restoration by Caron Kamps Widden (Contemporary Fiction)

Restoration. How do you restore a normal life to a family devastated by the loss of a loved one?

When Kathryn, beloved wife of John and devoted mother of Emily and Riley, is killed in a tragic car accident, John must repair his family.

Although he and the children seem to be functioning, John knows that their reality is fragile. Being new to the area and far from family and friends only adds to their isolation. Kathryn had been the glue that held the family together.

John finds comfort in the old, slightly shabby Victorian house that Kathryn had insisted they buy before she died. It was her idea to restore it and build the family a beautiful home. So John, normally a workaholic chained to his computer, begins the restorations that Kathryn wanted.

What he learns as he restores the old house is life changing for himself and his whole family.

$2.99 $1.99 until tomorrow. 



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