7/17/17 FREE DEAL Ballardvale Blues by Rachel Veznaian (Coming of Age)

Stay where you are? Saturate in familiarity? Perfect your ecosystem? Follow a blueprint? Or, forge a new path?

Addie Dalca dances on the line between what her life is and what it could be. Anchored by family expectations and those who pledge undying fealty to the Ballardvale lifestyle of booze-fueled nights followed by hangover filled days, Addie feels complacent with the familiar faces of Jessica Sukkel and Danny Boivin. The recent return of her childhood friends Sam and Kate Kern provide an attempt at retracing the plans laid out for her long before. Friendships intertwined in a messy web splinter and slowly break as the warring belief systems of those in their early twenties come to lure the five friends into separate offshoots, leaving Addie wishing she had a life plan as clear as those who surrounded her.

$4.99 FREE for a limited time. 



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