7/28/17 FREE DEAL CAPSOUL by Alex Krasnov (Sci-Fi)

In 1666, Hannah prophesizes a political downfall of Russia’s Patriarch Nikon. The next morning, her drowned body is found in the Moscow River. The Venetian mirror that Hannah used to foretell the patriarch’s gloomy future reappears centuries later and leads to a series of mysterious events. Andrew Serov immigrates to the U.S. and joins a group of scientists—each with a mirror story of his own. Led by a start-up manipulator, the group unveils stunning connections between various reflection phenomena, significant historic dates, and art masterpieces to build CapSoul, a device capable of separating the soul from the body. Haunted by memories of another person, Andrew comes to understand that any mirror’s surface is described by the number 1666, which represents a duality. He finds this number in crystals with mirror symmetry, the mirror-flipped halves of the human brain, and even the DNA’s “death code.” The duality of the CapSoul’s Mirror is a treacherous deception, but also the opportunity for Andrew to solve the great riddle of his own life. For the company’s owner, however, the CapSoul means something more significant. He sees the device as a powerful tool of controlling consciousness and attaining immortality.
“A powerful novel. Historically accurate and mystically intriguing.”
Detroit Express, LLC

$2.99 FREE for a limited time. 



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