8/10/17 FEATURED $0.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Amy’s Rainy Game: ages 2-8 (through the window series Book 3) by Haley Belinda (Children’s Book)


This is the third book from a small child’s picture book series. Amy and her friends have lots of fun.
Aimed at early readers and story tellers to bring your child into the book and participate in reading and sounds. Light hearted reading.
Buy all three for $7.97

$3.99 $0.99 until August 17th. 



8/06/17 $0.99 DEAL SAMI THE MAGIC BEAR: No To Bullying by Murielle Bourdon (Children’s Book)

Thomas is a very smart student at his school. He excels in Math and French, but because of this he is called “teacher’s pet” and “Genius” by the basketball team captain, Victor, and his friends. After school one day, coincidentally on his birthday, he runs into Victor and his friends and gets bullied verbally and physically.

$3.99 $0.99 for a limited time.